LPC on Third Avenue

Loveland Presbyterian Church was founded on May 4, 1854, by Matthew Furguson. We are the oldest continuous congregation in Loveland. Members first met in a one-room schoolhouse and as more residents of Loveland joined us, services were moved to an upper floor of the old DeGolyer Building in Loveland. This continued to serve as our gathering place until 1859 when a beautiful new church was built on Third Street in Loveland. LPC continued to grow in the community through the years and in the late 1950’s plans were made and property was purchased to build a new church up the hill on Robin Avenue. The first service in this church, our present church, was held on February 11, 1962. Land was purchased in late 2017 to construct a new entrance, opening access to the church on Loveland-Miamiville Road. Construction was completed in late 2018. The old church still stands on Third Street and has recently been renovated and turned into a private residence.                                                                                                                                                                                         LPC on Robin Avenue